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"Gp kennels .. I like to give LOVE . You have put I a lot of work to bring pride to the bully breed and it's owners .. True breeders know it takes love to do this and maintain in this industry you guys hard work is seen in ever dog you have created great family dogs and show stoppers in the show ring . Your setting and keeping a great standard !!!! KEEP TO THE "GAME PLAN !" :)

- Jermaine evolution bullies


"I highly recommend this kennel. They're professional, knowledgable and treat their dogs with the highest regard. We had the privilege of using GPB's Gorilla to breed with our dog and the result exceeded our expectations. I recommend any service or dog from this kennel and their owner Elquinzie is one of the most knowledgable breeders out there when it comes to American Bullies."

- Roland and Rhonda


"Elquinzie Scott in the last 5 year's I have known him has shown not only to be a great person he is not only a great dog own dog handler great asset to he bully community he is a great friend very loyal always their for you he takes great care of all his dogs above all that Elquinzie is a great father to his daughter who he lives every day for who he does all he does as a man as a kennel partner and dog breeder it's all for his daughter and the happiness he gets ever day she is with him his family and their animals."

- Tim Collier of MB Bullies


"To put my experience with Game Plan Bullies into words, I would say the owner Elquinzie is a honest dedicated man with direction of improving the breed of the American bully.  His in ring accomplishments are a direct reflection of his showmanship and dedication to the breed.  On a personal level he has always been a direct straight forward man. Putting his family and passion before himself.  I would recommend anyone interested in adding a family pet member or interested in showing or breeding to give him a call.   His knowledge and experience is at the top of the class."

- Steve Collier


"Elquinzie is one of the most respectful people  that I have come acrossed and I'm very glad to call him a friend.Watching him show his daughter how to handle and treat there dogs is very touching because of the passion he has for both his daughter and his dogs.He has become one of the best handlers in the ABKC and produces champion show quality dogs.I see Elquinzie as Good kennel partner and Family man."

- Russell Steffinich


"Elquinzie Scott is not only a bright spot in our own personal life but also in the Bully Community. He goes above and beyond in establishing a very good reputation for the American Bully Breed and his kennel. From being the best dog handler on the west coast to also being a huge factor in educating children on dogs and dog handling. Elquinzie will drop whatever he has going on at the moment to help someone in the Bully Community. I, Brian Garner admire his drive, passion and dedication for helping others and our breed."

- Brian Garner


"I haven't known Elquinzie for long but I do know that he takes exceptional care of his dogs, he took amazing care of my female while she was in his possession. He has been a man of his word with me and other fellow bully lovers and owners. I chose to use his kennel and his stud because of the love he shows his dogs and the way he handles business professionally. He deserves to come home, continue showing and producing champion show dogs and being a part of our bully community and family in the Pacific Northwest. He is a father, a husband and a dogman and should be let go in my opinion. Save the jail time for actual criminals and those who are a burden and risk to the community. There are crimes where people deserve to lose their freedom, this is not one of them."

- Samantha Tompkins


"Elquinzie Gpb Scott is a very good person and Icon in the American Bully world does good thing for the breed and I got his back so if i could help feel free to inbox me tell him I doing this for him."

- Cesar Ymaya


















"Hey Audrey and Elquinzie, just wanted to say its been a pleasure seeing and being a part of your Kennel family. I respect the love and appreciation you have for your dogs. Since meeting you both and seeing how you are with your babies aka bullies, Gorilla, Dr Evil, and Sativa ect. and how well mannered well socialized and friendly they are is impressive. You guys have been a good friend being there to bounce questions off of or offering your support if we ever need it. You guys are freaking awesome. Thanks for bring real, solid hearts are hard to find and make really good friends! See you again soon can't wait to get the pups together again!"

- Melissa and Jake Raether



"Elquinzie Scott  is a good man and a good friend to me and my family.  We consider him and all his dogs our family. The day I got our dog from him "Tapanga" changed our lives forever. He has been there for me and my family since we met and anything I've needed for me and my dog he has been there for us. We think of elquinzie as a member of our family. Having tapanga in our lives has brought me and my family closer then ever. I can't thank him enough for bringing tapanga,our family dog in to our lives . Elquinzie has made a positive difference in me and my family's life and we can't thank him enough for bringing us so much joy and happiness in our lives."

- Brandon Dyer



"I have  met Elquinzie a few times and done business once. He was always straight forward with everything and did his best to make sure i was satisfied. I would say he's an all around stand up good guy from what I have seen based on the way he conducts himself.''

- Mark Gonzalez


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